Welcome to Fictional Times!

Hello and welcome!

This blog is dedicated to the short stories I write. Some of them are, from today on, available on Amazon (USA/World, UK, Germany)!

Fictional Times – A fabulous anthology of wondrous stories‘ is a bundle of eight short stories published for the Amazon Kindle but works with other e-book readers or the Kindle apps for iphone/android just as well.

The collection’s eight stories more or less revolve around the concept of time (time travel, reincarnation, immortality, …) in contemporary or science fictional settings.

Here’s the table of contents:

  1. The sleep
  2. To never die…
  3. Time traveling gone wrong
  4. Time and again
  5. Starseeds
  6. Last one standing
  7. Last Christmas
  8. Ripples and waves

Stay tuned!


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