Because the Origami – a response

About a year ago, Ben Folds, Neil Gaiman, Damian Kulash and Amanda Palmer tried to write, compose, play and produce an album with 8 songs in 8 hours. They ended up making 6 songs in 12 hours, which is still quite impressive. You can find their album “8in8 – Nighty Nighthere.

Why am I telling you this? Well, they asked their huge fanbase to take these songs and make something, anything with them. Beautiful and/or funny videos were created, translations recorded and other creative alterations made.

Today, in honor to Amanda Palmer’s birthday (happy fucking birthday, Amanda!), I’m giving you my version of their second song: Because the origami. It is a response to the original song and to fully understand what it’s about, I strongly advice you to listen to the original first. I recommend the following version, because it has one of the most beautiful fanmade videos: Because the origami.

And here is my answer:

Because the origami – a response

Because the Origami didn‘t work
You gave me dancing lessons
Because the dancing lessons made me bored
You bought me a guitar

Because you never saw the real problem
The hobbies couldn‘t work
Because it was as always about you
I couldn‘t do it right

But you never tried to understand
You wanted me to prosper
And the pressure mostly made me sad
you even called me fat

I did hear this
I need more time now
For myself and also for
my Origami

I had to run far because I knew
You‘d give them my description
Now my hair is shorter and I‘m tanned

I don‘t know who I am right now
I have to find myself
Because you thought you knew what I
Should be and how to thrive
You tried to plan my life

I did hear this, but
I need more time here
I fear my room
Because it‘s
But not me

And if you ever hear this song
Know I got your love
But let me take the skills I have
To make paper doves
Or dance or sing, write songs
And promise not to teach me
But care for what I do and
In my own time reach you

I have heard this
I love you dearly
But you have to
ask about me
Or I‘ll be

Hope you liked it, thanks for reading!


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